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Peter Glazebrook is out of control.

Colossal carrot - 2014 (Picture: Nigel Roddis/REX (via Pictures of the day: 12 September 2014 - Telegraph))

Giant potato - 2010 (source)
Giant cauliflower - 2014 (Caters News)

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DOWNTOWN BOYS on displacement

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The first ever photographs of lightning shot by amateur photographer William N. Jennings between 1885 and 1890

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Documentary Footage Demonstrates the Meticulous Process by Which Japanese Wax Food Samples Are Made

georgia o’keeffe
alfred stieglitz
palladium prints
1917 - 1918

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How to Spend a Birthday


Light a match. Watch the blue part

                                                             flare like a shocked piñata

                                            from the beating
                                            into the sky,

                                                             watch how fast thin

wood burns & turns toward the skin,

the olive-orange skin of your thumb
                                                             & let it burn, too.

Light a fire. Drown out the singing cats.

Let the drunken mariachis blaze their way,

streaking like crazed hyenas

over a brown hill, just underneath

a perfect birthday moon.

They Loved These Things Too by Lisa Jarnot

The sun the moon the stars the polar ice caps and the ice cream cones the city streets the side streets and the small TV the curve of flesh around the food the road maps and November and the tiny birds and also certain people and they loved the special chairs and also stuffed things and the carnival and big rings and the o rings and they loved the oranges in bags and Florida and Texas and the hotel room and they loved the chili on the highway that they loved as if they loved the onramp and the way that people called and the natural forces of destruction and the sea they loved the sea and also boats and sailing ships and whales they loved and sea birds in varieties and then they loved the choice of drinks to drink and also beer they loved the times that others liked them that they loved and also they loved things all shaped like tigers and they loved the zoo.

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Liberalism and Gentrification | Jacobin


The Devil Never Even Lived in James Siena’s Mesmerizing Typewriter Palindrome Drawings

The artist James Siena has long collected antique typewriters. One day last year, he started typing his art. 

With the delicate precision of a concert pianist, he tapped out letters, numbers, and punctuation in colored ink to produce eye-teasing abstractions.

This being James Siena, he had a system, so each of his cryptic texts came out reading the the same way forward and back. Reminiscent of medieval micrography, these delirious palindromes illuminate the interior poetry of math. 

They’re on view for the first time in a new show at Sargent’s Daughters, which pairs them with Orly Genger’s madcap drawings of abstracted superhero limbs.

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